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The Christian Tradition - Essay Example

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It is the way of believing in one invisible, almighty and powerful God who is also the creator of the universe and the giver of life. Such a monotheistic faith involved the rejection of many other gods and idols found…
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The Christian Tradition
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Extract of sample "The Christian Tradition"

Download file to see previous pages The New Testament Christians also believe that they descended from the old Testament prophets and cannot deviate from such a believe in one true God since it worked well with their ancestors who were favored by God over other surrounding nations. There is also a belief that God will accept all who will come to believe in Him and renounce all other gods they have been worshiping (Grenz 75).
Just like the Old Testament Christians, the modern Christians also believe that the Invisible God has revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus is the messiah or the savior who is God’s own son and divine in nature (Harris 40). The bible in the gospel of John chapter 3 and verse 16 refers Jesus as God’s only begotten son who He gave to come and die for the forgiveness of sins of many. The New Testament Christians believe that Jesus died and resurrected to redeem us from our sins and this is for all who will believe in Him (Bible 823).
Jesus is therefore the pillar of Modern Christians because their faith is totally based on Him. He is believed to be the Head of the church and the King of all creation hence Christians have to confess that Jesus is Lord to receive the salvation that comes from Him. Jesus is believed to have the divine nature in Him and He himself is God. In the gospel of John chapter 17 and verse 21, Jesus calls Himself the Son and God the Father to bring a distinction in His form. However, He declares that He the Son and God the Father are one (Bible 840).
The New Testament Christians also believe that there is the indwelling spirit who guides them in their daily walk with God. Before Jesus left this world to go and be with the father, He promised to leave His disciples a helper and that is the Holy Spirit. In the gospel of John chapter 14 verses 16 and 26, Jesus declares the Holy Spirit coming from the Father and coming to represent Him in the world and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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