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Moreover, this practice occurs every year in some cultures of African society, through ceremonies in a period of one to two weeks to a maximum period of three…
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Extract of sample "Draft"

11/13 Draft Reflection of Cultural, Tradition and Ritual Practices In African Society Introduction The common practice in South Africa is initiation, whereby it is considered rite of passage for both boys and girls. Moreover, this practice occurs every year in some cultures of African society, through ceremonies in a period of one to two weeks to a maximum period of three months. On the other hand, the term Ndebele is borrowed for the Sotho-Tswans tebele, which refers to a stranger. The article covered in class related to cultural, traditional and ritual practices in African society, whereby the ideas covered in the article indicated that numerous people in the African society have values and beliefs. Consequently, this brought an understanding that the values and beliefs are connected to cultural practices, traditions and rituals that chances their way of life (Nel, 2012).
On the other hand, Ndebele are considered prominent in art and creativity related ornaments and decoration of homes for their traditions and homelands of KwaNdeleble north of Pretoria.
The summary also elaborated on the issues related to the differentiation of the cultural practices, customs and traditions. It also elaborates on the inherent patterns of behaviors that are transmitted from one generation to another. The term custom is defined in the article as a practice, which regulates the social life of certain group in the society, while rituals are defined as forms of cultural practices or ceremonies making a certain change in the society. Moreover, the article indicated that the Africa societies are linked to the cultural practices, traditions and customary issues.
Issues about Ndebele people who are known for their art and decorations of their homestead are covered in the article and this include:
Historical perspective focusing on the ritualistic practices for male and female such as ceremonies known as ingoma or wela and iqhude or ukuthombisa respectively
The article elaborated on issue concerning African coming-of age rituals entailing three stages:
The first phase involves taking boys and girls into the forest
The second phase of transition involves initiating learning activities and training boys and girls on significant skills that will assist them to participate in the society
The third phase involves a reincorporation into society, which is the last phase for African coming of age rituals
Moreover, the article explained these rituals involve various physical markings on the body such as circumcisions or body scarification (Tiley-Nel, 2012). In this case, these rituals are different based on the ethnic groups, whereby the ritual practices are symbols of maturity stage.
In conclusion, the paper covers a summary of two articles covered in class, which include “Ndebele culture, traditions and rituals” by Tiley-Nel and Initiation cycles of traditional South African cultures by Nel, J. The articles cover a reflection of cultural, tradition and ritual practices in African society. The articles share ideas related to the practices among African society, which are practices in a contemporary society in the process of depicting the transition of the boys and girls to the adult hood. Therefore, this paper has focus on identifying the main points that are in these articles.

Hipple, A. (2008). Coming-of-Age Rituals in Africa: Tradition & Change. Prudence International Magazine, 4(1) 1-7.
Nel, J. (2012). Initiation cycles of traditional South African cultures. South African encyclopedia. 1(1), 1-4
Tiley-Nel, S. (2012). Ndebele culture, traditions and rituals. South African encyclopedia, 1(1), 1-6 Read More
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