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Impact of the Blacks Culture on the American Society - Research Paper Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the Afro American culture and its impact on the American society. The author speaks about different elements of this distinctive culture (music, dance, leisure activities, fashion), but the main emphasis is dedicated to the unique oral communication…
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Impact of the Blacks Culture on the American Society
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Extract of sample "Impact of the Blacks Culture on the American Society"

Download file to see previous pages To start with, the power of the Afro American culture reflects in the fact that it has been highly significant in the way of resisting the racial oppression (not the only factor) in the American society and has generated highly innovative dynamics and platform which comes from the oral tradition. The same oral tradition has helped all other cultural forms evolve. It has been found that the Afro American oral tradition has remained an immensely innovative learning process for the K-12 students in the American schools. Thus, a glimpse of its significance necessitates more elaboration of its origin, its segregated forms, its development, and its implications in the society in an elucidated fashion.
The tradition attached with the oral communication generally comprises the old sayings, proverbs and various other cultural products that have neither been archived nor recorded. The tradition or the enigma of the oral traditions is kept intact with the help of verbal communication across generations. The diverse forms of African American cultures and their archetypes teach lessons about the way of living. The oral tradition can be said to be one of the fundamental mechanisms for survival and cultural expression. The oral tradition is also predominant in the maintenance of the cultural heritage and reflection of the collective spirit of the race.  The tradition encapsulates a strong history dating back to the African pre-slavery times.
Before the period of enslavement in America, the Africans used to reside in societies conjectured on the foundation that was encircled through stylized oral communication means as well as that of the lassy religious system. The then prevalent norm was regarded in the name of Nommo which points to the generative capability of the spoken word. They believed that Nommo was vehemently necessary for actualizing life as well as for providing mastery over various things. The prime notion of Nommo centers around the fact that all activities of human beings and their movement in nature generally sits on the position which states that the productive power of the word is water, seed, heat as well as life which forces itself. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Impact of the Blacks Culture on the American Society Research Paper - 1.
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