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Female Genital Mutilation in Africa (With Regard to the Prevalence of FGM in Africa, What Justifications Do the Supporting Societies Have for the Practice, And Which Measures Have The African Government/Societies taken to Eradicate the Problem?)
Female genital…
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Download file to see previous pages reportedly practiced from the western stretch of Africa into the central, eastern and north eastern Africa excluding the Northern Arabic and South African countries. It has been conducted by selective ethnicities, tribes and clans and often associated with Islamic religion, majorly on the grounds of upholding traditions and cultures, for chastity, purification and as a religious obligation. These justifications are based on beliefs and myths of the traditions and religion. Depending on the interventions taken in country levels to fight FGM some have facilitated the decline of the prevalence rate, while others remain dormant or ineffective. To curb the problem, safe shelters for FGM escapees have been established and even funded, while anti-FGM laws and campaigns are broadly in place as government strive to enforce the regulations.
Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a global problem affecting a minority of the female gender and associated with serious health illnesses. Women and young girls (minor) have fallen victims of the prevalent FGM, often embraced in the settings and societies they are brought up. It is a procedure that has seen millions of women suffer, ashamed and even afraid to speak about it. While male circumcision is acceptable and dominant across the continents, female circumcision has in the past attracted divided attention from its supporters and opponents. It’s a widespread problem in Africa and Middle East compared to the western world. However, due to the immigration policies adopted by different industrialized nations, the FGM culture did gradually enter into the western countries, especially since the first black movement from the south into the north. According to WHO, female circumcision is an operation “involving removal of total or partial external female genitalia or other injuries to the female genital organs for non medical reasons” (2008, p.2). The research paper expounds on the study of FGM in Africa
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