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Christian Expression Vocation - Essay Example

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The paper “Christian Expression Vocation” seeks to explore the expression vocation, which means various things to people of different cultural inclinations. In light of this, Christians are required to get the actual picture of an individual’s life…
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Christian Expression Vocation
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Extract of sample "Christian Expression Vocation"

Christian Expression Vocation
The expression vocation means various things to people of different cultural inclinations. The meaning of Christian vocation may be three-fold: first, the term may imply the love that Christians show to God and to those around them. In light of this, Christians are required to get the actual picture of an individual’s life and actions as a way of stewardship and seeking the support from God in the unending work of change of generation and redemption. Second, Christian vocation may imply unique profession to spread the word of God. This implies the understanding of God’s direction to people to participate more proactively in leadership and devotion within the ministry. Third, Christian vocation may connote gifts and leadership in readiness for lasting service. In view of this, Cooling (19-31) indicates an individual is self-conscious of his or her own gifts and capacities and to exhibit a fairly focused sagacity of the manner in which God wants these qualities to be employed to the advantage and betterment of the general world.
Abraham: the man who is faithful to his call by God
Abraham is one of God’s servants who exercised utmost faith in the Creator by following all the commands of God. After the death of his father, Abram was instructed by God to abandon his homeland for another place where He would direct him (Eslinger 189-193). The faithful took his household of three including his wife Sara and Lot and followed God’s commands to what is today Israel-Palestine land. Despite the fortunes in the rich land, Abraham never built a home in this new environment but led a nomadic life, moving from one place to another to earn a living. The immense faith demonstrated by Abraham led him into securing his descendents the rich land. Additionally, God altered his name from Abram to Abraham and his wife's from Sara to Sarah. This is a clear manifestation of the strong faith he had in God. Few would agree to change their name in favour of a new beginning.
According to Eslinger (192-207), God tempted Abraham's faith in Him by instructing him to offer his only son, Isaac for sacrifice. This event was imperative on two grounds: if the Isaac was sacrificed Abram would not have any heir to take over the land that God had assured Abraham. If Abraham successfully offered his son to God as sacrifice, he must have had faith in the coming back to life of the departed. Once God witnessed the seriousness of Abraham, in regarding the sacrifice of his son, He set forth and offered him a ram instead, to offer in the occasion. This teaches Christians about the need for unparalleled faith regardless of the tough decisions or a precarious condition they may be in.
Abraham is a distinguished individual of faith because he was a descendant of a God-fearing ancestry but had came across idol worship a few years before his call. Nimrod, a key idolater, had brought Abraham's dad, Terah from the familial seat of Semites near the Balikh and the Euphrates, and introduced him to the regal town of Ur, the heart of Nimrod's idol worship. Nonetheless, while still young, Abraham saw the sham of idolization; and, unlike the rest of the community members, he delved into the ‘murk’ of exploring the subject more deeply and came up with the conclusion that there exists one superior God. He exhibited courage in the work of offering lessons about his findings. This led to him being mistreated and looked down upon by the mainstream society. Despite the immense challenges he was facing, Abraham eventually managed to cut a better and honored religious niche in the society.
Works Cited
Cooling, Trevor. Transforming Faith: Teaching as a Christian Vocation in a secular, Worldview- Diverse Culture. Journal of Education & Christian Belief, 14.1 (2010): 19-32.
Eslinger, Lyle. Pre-history in the call to Abraham. Biblical interpretation, 14.3 (2006): 189-208. Read More
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