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The Example of How Humans Have Fallen into the Pattern of Elucidation and War - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the most scandalous involvements of the Rwandan churches and the role that they played in it. As a religion and culture students, the latter statement is quite strong especially in the description of an institution that has the trust of the members of the society…
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The Example of How Humans Have Fallen into the Pattern of Elucidation and War
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Extract of sample "The Example of How Humans Have Fallen into the Pattern of Elucidation and War"

Download file to see previous pages Looking at the complicity of the churches, we see that from several different perspectives from a religion and culture student that, even with careful, honest and sensitive approaches, the role of the church in the genocide is still evident. One of the bases on which the latter can be approached is from a cultural view. Despite the fact that the two major ethnic groups were getting along well before the colonialists and missionaries in terms of the cultures and their ways of life, the influence of priests in the uproar of genocide is evident. An example of the above is that during the times, the priests presented themselves as ethnic-based which was one of the major catalysts for the genocide. In addition, the churches at that time allowed the priests to preach ethnic-hatred to the people. Some of the sources also say that the nuns and the nuns and the priests were also involved in the killing of the Tutsis. One of the hardest things to determine with regard to this issue is whether the leaders of the Roman Catholic and Anglican church leaders were informed about the issue and whether they got involved or simply decided to ignore the issue. With the views that have been expressed about the role of the church, one of the things that  I can establish as a religious student is that the clergy did not follow what they preach. A conclusion about the role that the church played in the genocide can be easily arrived at that, looking at the way that the course stood by the values that it preached before the genocide and what they preached towards the genocide, there must have been some political influence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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