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E-learning as a Tool for Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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This essay talks that among all businesses in the world today, the banking business is one of those shaken by intense competition as more banks are incorporated to steal a major slice of the banking share pie. Indeed the banking environment is one of constant change. …
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E-learning as a Tool for Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages But it really is the HR manager himself, who needs all these knowledge vis--vis his role of retaining all these bright employees and stemming the tide of employee dissatisfaction in the sphere of compensation, job motivation and morale. He must be constantly updated with all the latest techniques. He needs retraining himself in interpersonal and leadership skills and must bone up on actual case studies in order to learn from the failings or success of others and must improve his communication skills and find the possible causes for high turnover rates, if such is presently bedeviling the corporation itself.
The heaviest load thrown in his shoulders, however, is the maximisation of employee performance. And this can be done by a sound and efficient organisation that keeps "all programs and initiatives aligned to a framework of increased performance" (Stockley 2005, p.1).
Literature Review
Many authors of HRM literature point out to e-learning as the panacea to all the above problems . Human resource management, itself is defined as "a set of interdependent personnel
policies to maximise 4 objectives: organisational integration, employee commitment, flexibility and quality" (Clark 1993, p.3).
E-learning, meanwhile, is defined as "learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology" (Lingham 2008, p.1). It is also "the "use of the internet or an organizational intranet to conduct training on-line". By intranet, he is referring to a...
This essay stresses that HRM must deal with this aspect in conjunction with its traditional roles of recruitment, training, performance appraisal and salary administration.
This paper declares that e-learning, meanwhile, is defined as “learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology”. It is also “the “use of the internet or an organizational intranet to conduct training on-line”. By intranet, he is referring to a “private organizational network behind firewall software that restricts access to authorised users, including employees participating in learning”. This is more germane to my proposal of the setting up of e-learning in banks and making it an effective tool for HRM. Today’s literature is replete with enthusiasm about this modern literacy that is permeating practically all facets of society. It is called a “technological revolution that is bringing democratic changes to our society” and describes how the US Education Department and independent research institutes and universities consider the urgency of the implementation to maximise the use of e-learning in their organisations. E-learning since the last decades has already gained foothold in homes and thus virtually everybody is acquainted with it as people communicate with friends or loved ones through the internet or by e-mail. So it is not beyond comprehension that this could have myriads of uses and could be useful as tool for human resource management, specifically in banks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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