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Abortions - Essay Example

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The issues of abortions have generated significant debates in many countries. In United States, this debate continues with deep differing opinions existing. Consequently, Americans have been divided between two lines based on their stand on the issue…
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Extract of sample "Abortions"

Abortions The issues of abortions have generated significant debates in many countries. In United s, this debate continues with deep differing opinions existing. Consequently, Americans have been divided between two lines based on their stand on the issue. This has generated two opposing views on abortion. These views have been termed as “pro-life” and “pro-choice”. Those who are against the abortion believe that there is something needs to be done to preserve life. They believe that the government has a duty of preserving all human life (Pro-choice Action Network 1). This view is typically held by the mainstream churches such as the Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand, those who support abortion believe that a person has a right to their own productive means (Pro-choice Action Network 1). People not affiliated to mainstream churches usually hold this view. These have been described as pro-choice. These people believe that all choices must remain valid. The stands have generated a serious conflict on the issue of abortion. Such believe on the issue of abortion are rooted on science and religion. Therefore, any view tries to prove its stance on the issue of abortion. A reflection on abortion helps in understanding pro-choice and pro-life position. There is different postmodern worldview based on pro-choice position on the issue of abortion. These views have been in support of abortion and have come to be known as prochoice. The worldview has made it possible for abortion to be viewed as a simple thing. In fact, most of the people in favor of abortion believes that abortion is as easy as taking of pill. This has changed the cultural mindset of many people especially the young age on the issue of abortion. Consequently, this has led to a strong pro-choice position on the issue. One of such position is that human life does not begin at conception. They view this as a trick imposed by the religion so that the society could adapt. They believe that human sperm and egg have a life and end up being wasted. This shows that most of the human life is wasted through abortion. Moreover, they argue that life begins after birth and not at conception. Therefore, abortion should not be viewed as killing of a child but rather stopping of a pregnancy ( 1). They believe that personhood does not occur at this stage. Moreover, they consider abortion as of the essence to human health. This benefits women lives and health. They believe that forcing women raise a child against their intent is not morally right. At the same time, they perceive that giving birth to an unwanted child as a crime. Moreover, they consider that making abortion legal helps in parenting. This is because families will be able to limit the number of children they want and can afford to handle. They agree that anti-abortion laws puts unnecessary strain on families with limited resources to raise unwanted children (Pro-choice Action Network 1). On the other hand, they argue that the fetus is not subjected to any pain. This is because it is yet to develop any feeling for pain, and such pain are subject of environment after birth. Christians have had a strong stance on pro-life position on the issue of abortion. The basic view of Christians is that abortion involves killing of human being ( 1). This is based on the biblical belief that God is the sole author of life and has a right to terminate life. Thus, abortion amount to murder and defies the commandments of Gods that condemns killing ( 1). Moreover, Christian belief life starts from the merger of sperm and egg. Therefore, the moment egg and sperm come together life begins. Christian argument is that such entity has a fundamental right to life and must be protected through all means. Christians also argue that personhood is determined by the presence of an immortal soul ( 1). This immortal soul is realized once conception takes place. Therefore, there is no difference of terminating such a tender life and killing a living or breathing person. Moreover, the pro-life begins that the unborn child is exposed to unnecessary pain ( 1). They also perceive that it is unfair to stop such a life while there are many people willing to adopt such child. In conclusion, it is clear the debate on abortion is yet to be over. This is because each side of the debate appears to have a valid argument in support of their view. Therefore, the only solution is to have a common ground on the issue. Works Cited Pro-choice Action Network. “Misconceptions about Abortion.” Web. 16 November 2013. . “Abortion.” Web. 16 November 2013. <>. Read More
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Abortions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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