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As a result, it is significant to analyze the views of both activist sides and come up with a middle ground.
The pro-choice…
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Debate Pro-life and Pro-choice
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November 5, The debate on pro-life and pro-choice arguments has been on for a long time now, making it crucial to distinguish between the two and create a stand. As a result, it is significant to analyze the views of both activist sides and come up with a middle ground.
The pro-choice campaign aims at allowing abortion on a legal basis where those interested in the practice are covered by the law and medical practices. This is in order to conduct abortions under the safety of legal, medical procedures governed ethics covered in the constitution as a legal right. Those that are for pro-choice arguments call for men to stop attempting to make choices for them that relate to their wellbeing. This is in relation to the fact that it s the men who mainly create the policies barring women from participating in abortions. This is considering that it is the woman’s choice on whether to bring the child into the world as it involves her health and wellbeing on multiple aspects. In this case, pro-choice activists view it as a violation of human rights towards a given individual, or even on a gender basis. This is following the issue of women being forced to bring to life children they cannot handle on their own, or even do not want to bring into the world (“Crisis Pregnancy Centers” 3). Pro-choice activists also argue that forcing a woman to bring such a child into this world is an immoral act, as unwanted children are the largest cause of violence (Riley 1). In this regard, children have a moral right to responsible and willing parents, which make conscious conception a necessity in today’s world with all its social tragedies. The pro-choice argument attempts to cover the wellbeing of both the child and the mother by bringing into perspective the social and economic wellbeing of the child and the health of the mother. In this light, the pro-choice argument supports legal abortion as it is of the view that whether abortion is legal or illegal, abortions are bound to happen, and it would rather they were legal in order to be safe than unsafe due to their illegality.
On the other hand, the pro-life argument concerns itself with pushing for the rights of the fetus based on the belief that it remains an unborn human being. As a result, the fetus has equal rights as any other normal human being. Furthermore, it concerns itself with the innocence of the fetus, where its innocence is similar to that a child with no offence and no knowledge of the world. Pro-life activists argue that it is immoral to end the life of an unborn fetus, as it is objectively wrong. This is concerning taking away the life of a defenseless human being, in which case biology and philosophy clearly identify the early stages of development of a fetus, as the beginning of life (Klusendorf 1). This, to pro-lifers, is taken to mean that abortion, as a legal procedure is the very violation of an individual’s right to live by depriving them of their right to life. In addition to the arguments, the pro-life activists have backing from numerous institutions and organizations based on their affiliations and inclinations. This is concerning the moral standing of the institutions in question, such as religious organizations that are against any form of deprivation of life.
As a result, of all the information brought forth by pro-life and pro-choice activists, the pro-lifers have a higher moral high ground. This is following the standing for equal rights and social morals making their cause worth pursuing.
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Debate Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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