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Pro-life and pro-choice practices are critical to the welfare of individuals and the society in light of the two concepts, personal autonomy is the center of arguments for or against prolife and prochoice standpoints. The above image is relevant to debates and/or controversies. …
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Pro-life and Pro-choice Practices
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Response Pro-life and pro-choice practices are critical to the welfare of individuals and the society in light of the two concepts, personal autonomy is the center of arguments for or against prolife and prochoice standpoints. The above image is relevant to prolife and prochoice debates and/or controversies. In particular, the image represents prochoice standpoint in a number of ways. It depicts personal choice, decision, or autonomy as far as life advocacy is concerned.
Pro-choice standpoint acknowledges a woman’s right and autonomy in regards to whether or not to undertake an abortion. In this respect, the image depicts the representation of a bullet that can be used as desired in matters of abortion and life. What this means is that the image exhibits both positive and negative sides. However, the sole decision maker of the right use of the image is the person who executes her decision, right, freedom, or autonomy.
On the positive side, the image stands to improve the life of the person who finds proper use of it. With the decision to abort solely resting on the pregnant woman, the woman has the chance to decide what is good or bad for her. On the same note, she decides what can work or what cannot work with her. In essence, the image depicts the need for any person to stand by his/her decisions, actions, and welfare.
Contrary to the prospects of life, the image could be associated with the loss of life. Bullets and death exhibit a critical connection that is difficult to separate. Even though the above image could depict death or loss of life, there is another different side to the story. In other words, the choice to have abortion ensures that the welfare of the woman remains in no jeopardy. A closer look at the image shows two eminent sides. There are light and dark shades on the image, which represent for and/or against debates about prochoice practices.
Over and above the abortion factor, prochoice points of view further encompass euthanasia or aided suicide. Drawing from this insight, the image is a representation of the two sides of life. On one side, its use will result either in loss of life or proliferation of life. However, the common denominator is that either way exhibits personal interest and autonomy. What this means is that loss of life is not as much of a tragedy as many people would want to think. In light of euthanasia or aided suicide, the image is the ultimate driver of individual sovereignty.
In conclusion, the image is entitled pro-life. What this means is that it calls for the protection of life by all means and at all costs. However, protection of life has to account for the people involved. There are individual interests, concerns, needs, and issues to consider as far as life is concerned. In this respect, the pro-life advocacy of the image could be easily reversed to suit pro-choice advocacies. Either way, the image depicts the ultimate divide between pro-life and pro-choice practices. Read More
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(Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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