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Should the abortion be legalized - Essay Example

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Name; Institution; Course; Date; Should Abortion be legalized? I do believe that abortion should be legalized. Abortion is an intentional termination of a pregnancy from a woman whereby the fetus is removed from the woman’s uterus and it should be performed by qualified medical personnel…
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Should the abortion be legalized
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Download file to see previous pages I also believe that by legalizing abortion we will be saving the lives of hundreds of women we lose every year as a result of them attempting to undertake illegal abortions. These illegal abortions are usually conducted by quack medical personnel and hence the high death rate associated with illegal abortions (Johnson, 2002). The well being of the potential mother is one of the factors that should lead to abortion being conducted on medical grounds. In many cases, there are complications that develop during child birth and these complications might endanger the lives of both the unborn baby and the mother. For this reason, if the life of the mother is in danger and the only way to save her is to terminate the pregnancy, then I believe that the life of the mother should be given priority over that of the unborn child and therefore such a situation should provide enough grounds to conduct an abortion for legal purposes (Johnson, 2002). This will ensure that the life of the mother is preserved and when she recovers she can try to have another baby (Johnson, 2002). Rape is a valid social reason that should be considered in advocating for the legalization of abortion. Rape can be defined as having sexual intercourse with another person (in this case a woman) without his/her consent. Due to its very nature and from its definition, rape is a violent and traumatizing experience for the woman in question and should it result in a pregnancy then the woman will be stigmatized and she might even develop mental problems. For this reason a woman who is pregnant as a result of having been raped should be allowed to undertake a legal abortion as a way of mitigating the trauma that she has undergone (Tribe, 2008). Another social reason that provides a strong basis for the legalization of abortion is where the pregnancy is a result of an act of incest. Incest is defined as an act of sexual intercourse between two people who are related by blood. In most reported cases of incest, it usually involves an older relative taking advantage of the naivety and innocence of a young one and luring them into sex thus most of the reported cases involve children under the age of seventeen years. As a way of preserving their innocence, the parents or guardians of these young ones should be allowed to carry out legal abortions in order to terminate the pregnancy that resulted fro the act of incest. Incest also results in interbreeding which is the breeding that takes place between blood relations. Interbreeding results in unfavorable traits being passed onto the unborn baby and thus they may be born with congenital deformities. For this reason, pregnancies that results due to acts of incest should be terminated to prevent the women from having to raise children with congenital malfunctions (Tribe, 2008). Low income levels is an economic situation whereby a person has very little or no money at all. To provide proper care for a child, one will require money for things like clothes for the baby, milk to feed the baby, baby items such as pampers and many more. Additionally, one might be required to hire a nanny to take care of the baby while they are away. All these will demand that the woman has a reasonable income in order to provide reasonable care for the child. I deem it unfair to bring a child to this world only for them to be met with untold suffering due to the economic conditions of their parents and therefore parents who cannot afford the cost of taking care of a child ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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