Controversy Analysis of the Articles about Abortion and Gay Rights - Assignment Example

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The author states that both abortion and gay rights topics are controversial since they seem to go against the rules and regulations of morality in society. They are usually not easily accepted in society as they seem to go against the norms or what people view to be right or wrong…
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Controversy Analysis of the Articles about Abortion and Gay Rights
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Extract of sample "Controversy Analysis of the Articles about Abortion and Gay Rights"

PART Searching for Topics Now choose an article that interests you and read it. Then, answer the questions below:
a. Which database did you use?
b. What is the title of this article?
Abortion pros and cons
c. Who is the author?
Wade V. R.
d. What is the main point or argument in the article?
Should abortion be legalized putting into consideration the pros and cons involved in the process?
Why does this topic interest you?
This topic interests me because not many countries in the world have legalized abortion but in the USA the Supreme Court views abortion as an individual’s fundamental right hence should be authorized.
e. Write down four things you learned from reading this article that you did not know before.
1. Ironically, even if churches oppose abortion, most of their members have the belief that it should be legalized. Catholic and Lutheran churches oppose abortion but more of their members (51% vs. 45%, Lutheran; 48% vs. 45%, Catholic).
2. A research done in US in 2008 showed that in every ten women, three of them had an abortion before the age of 45 years.
3. Risk of a woman dying from giving birth is around 14 times that of those who die while undergoing an abortion.
4. Research carried out by the center of disease control and prevention showed that 8.5% of abortions are of women who had three or more previous abortions.
f. Why is this topic controversial? Write down at least three different points of view that you found:
1. The rules of the church highlights that life is sacred and should be respected but according to this article most of the church members seem to support abortion legalization.
2. The disadvantages’ of legalizing abortion tend to outweigh the advantages and yet a country like USA is looking forward to legalizing it.
3. Religious institutions are supposed to support morality by enhancing that only those who are married are supposed to engage in intimate relationships but in this case moral rot is encouraged by advocating abortion legalization.
4. Abortion legalization will lead to a meaningless living.
PART 2: Creating a Research Question
Broad Topic
Narrowed Topic
Further Narrowed Topic
Rules and regulations
Research Question
What is the relationship between age and morality in relation to abortion?
Do the pros of abortion outweigh the cons to support its legality?
Should the laws governing the life of an individual be violated by adopting abortion?
1. Of these 3 possible research questions, which one interests you the most and why?
The research question that interests me much is the one that tries to explore the positive and negative effects of abortion (Do the pros of abortion outweigh the cons of abortion to support its legality?)
The reason behind this is that if the negative effects outweigh the positive ones, decision should be made not favoring its adoption.
Library Research Assignment2
1. What is something interesting you read in the first article (Encyclopedia / Wikipedia) that you didn’t know before?
The most interesting thing observed a legal limit of 24 weeks that is safe for abortion. The most convenient time is said to be 12 weeks after conception. This is further explained in that the longer the pregnancy is, the harder the process of abortion becomes.
2 What is something interesting you read in the second article (from CQ Researcher) that you didn’t know before?
According to Reed Karaim (124), American culture incorporates gay rights and has been there for the last two decades hence it is not a new thing as it seems.
C. Follow Step 2: Access Articles from Academic Search Complete.
1. What is something interesting you read in the first article that you didn’t know before? The most interesting thing learnt on the first article on abortion is that most of the modern methods of abortion are safe and do not cause health issues such as infertility and mental health to the person involved. This is as compared to the traditional methods which caused even death of both the mother and the fetus.These methods also give the option to terminate pregnancies, which are viewed to have abnormalities.
2. What is something interesting you read in the second article that you didn’t know before? Both heterosexuals and homosexuals should be given equal rights .this is further explained in that sexual orientation is more determined by nature rather than nurture. Individuals in both do not have any control in the way they are sexually oriented.
1. What, if anything, have you experienced related to this topic.
Both of these topics (abortion, gay rights) are controversial since they seem to go against the rules and regulations of morality in the society. They are usually not easily accepted in the society as they seem to go against the norms or what people view to be right or wrong. Few people can go publicly advocating them or confess to involve in any of the two.
2. What more do you want to know about this topic?
The age at which an individual can undergo the process of abortion without exposing her to health problems, the views that teenagers have on abortion and reproductive health and how they can lead a healthy lifestyle to safeguard their fertility. Information on how the society is supposed to react to the topic in question in relation to morality should also be emphasized to ensure that those who undergo the process are not alienated.
3. Now that you’ve done some research on this topic, is there another topic on the library website that you would prefer over this one? Why?
Reproductive health could be a more appropriate topic to research on because it covers a wide range of other related topic and provides more in-depth information as compared to the two topics in question. It is also more inclusive of both genders as compared to abortion, which in most cases affect women.
Works cited "Abortion, pros and cons." 9 Sep. 2011. Web. 3
     Apr. 2013. Read More
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