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Human’s rights has been a huge issue of controversy throughout many decades. Recently, the workers conditions in the wine and factory department continue to get worse. For…
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Article in Africa
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http 08/23/south-africa-farmworkers-dismal-dangerous-lives One of the most prominent issues in South Africa that continues tobe the hallmark is human rights watch. Human’s rights has been a huge issue of controversy throughout many decades. Recently, the workers conditions in the wine and factory department continue to get worse. For instance, an elderly couple have been forced to live in a single hut, which was a former outhouse(toilet) on a farm. The husband worked on the farm for 20 years before he died due to unhygienic conditions that were detrimental towards his health. As a matter of fact, Daniel Bekele, director for African Humans Rights Watch, insists The government, and the industries and farmers themselves, need to do a lot more to protect people who live and work on farms. The workers undoubtedly have to deal with plague-like conditions in which pesticides are exposed, lack of accesses to toilets is hindered, drinking water is not available, and to efforts are conducted to protect the workers through a union. In addition, he worked with closely with another association that produced a report known as “Ripe with Abuse: Human Rights Conditions in South Africa’s Fruit and Wine Industries.” Undeniably, the farm workers have no say on regulations but continue to suffer drastically. No evidence has been found to document any actions that is taken by the government to protect these workers. Although South Africa has laws that guarantee wages, benefits, and housing conditions; one cannot refute the fact that these big companies continue to push these workers into misery. The majority of the current and former farm workers interviewed about these conditions said they had been exposed to pesticides without adequate safety equipment. When farm workers are inflicted with sickness, they are not granted any sick days unless they present a medical certificate. Clearly, the government needs to address this issue in order to elevate living conditions. Read More
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