The Lucrative Sectors of the South African Economy - Research Paper Example

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The analysis of this study will review Terreblanche Sampie’s Lost in Transformation which provides information on how ANC has aided in the spread of “neo-apartheid”. Mathabane Mark’s Kaffir Boy will also be used to provide insights into the plight of workers in South Africa…
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The Lucrative Sectors of the South African Economy
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Download file to see previous pages The mine worker continues to be over-exploited by the current regime just like the over-exploitation of the black South African in the apartheid period. Furthermore, they are lowly paid and suffer due to poor working conditions. This has led to a class struggle between the rich ruling people who take shares in the ownership of the countries factors of production while leaving the poor people at their mercy. In August 2012, the mine workers at Marikana experienced a massacre which opened the eyes of the workers to the types of neo-colonization with a class struggle that made the mine workers poorer and their working conditions worse. With regards to the working conditions of the mine workers in South Africa, apartheid effects are still felt from the successive governments. The African National Congress (ANC) presents the “neo-apartheid regime with typical features of historical apartheid” such as overexploitation of workers, poor wages, poor working conditions, protects, arrests and murder of protesting workers (Clark and Worger 23). During the Marikana massacre, 69 black protesters were killed and approximately 18,000 activists arrested. Although the African National Congress has led South Africa for about 20 years now while advocating for equality in all sectors of the economy and declining the effects posed by the colonial masters during the apartheid time, all the talks of “post-apartheid” South Africa have resulted into an equally similar leadership like that of apartheid. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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