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Economic Impact on South Africa post Soccer World Cup: Research Proposal - Essay Example

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The research aim underlying the present paper will be to evaluate how far the soccer world cup of 2010 held in South Africa affected the economy of the nation. South Africa being a developing nation needs an external boost at any point of the time so as to enhance its economic growth rate…
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Economic Impact on South Africa post Soccer World Cup: Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Economic Impact on South Africa post Soccer World Cup: Research Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that preparation for a popular event such as the World Cup could take up a prolonged period of time and employs a large number of people in the process hence creating employment within the nation. Furthermore, the demand for investment in the host nation rises as well which actually spurns the national income of the concerned nation. Such a process could actually boost the economic growth rate of a nation, especially when it is a developing one. In order to evaluate this theoretical truth, the present paper carries out an empirical examination of the fact in context of the developing economy of South Africa.
The possible outcome of the research could actually assist in enhancing the preparations of the national government when faced with an upcoming important event like the World Cup. This is because such an event not only promotes economic development in a nation but is also associated with betterment in the innate infrastructure of the concerned nation. Hence it is important for the nation to be prepared aptly for the purpose given that potential gains from an incident cannot be availed if the underlying factors are not utilised to their optimum level. This is in line with the economic theory that unless marginal productivity of factor is realised to its fullest, the profit margin cannot be maximised. The economic impact that a global impact is likely to impose upon a nation could be observed both in qualitative as well as quantitative terms. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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