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Types of Reasoning. Problem Analysis using Duty-Oriented Reasoning - Essay Example

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Utilitarian reasoning refers to the decision making processes adopted by an individual on the basis of the end result of that action. In this manner, an individual who believes on utilitarianism would reflect behavior, based upon the consequences of that behavior…
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Types of Reasoning. Problem Analysis using Duty-Oriented Reasoning
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Extract of sample "Types of Reasoning. Problem Analysis using Duty-Oriented Reasoning"

Download file to see previous pages Utilitarian reasoning is also known as end-result based reasoning technique. On the other hand, duty-oriented reasoning technique is also known as deontology (Motta). For the believers of deontology school of thought, it is necessary that they assume responsibility as an essential and the intention of the individual should be relevant to the context. Moreover, it is also important for the individual to possess prior knowledge about the subject before experiencing it, so that the individual is ready for any consequences. Utilitarian reasoning, on the other hand, requires an individual to determine the locus of righteous and wrongful deeds absolutely depending on the resultant of the reasoned action over other actions. Last but not the least, from an ethical point of view in a health care setting, using utilitarian reasoning indicates that work related behavior and attitude of individuals is characterized as quantitative and deductive approach. Whereas, duty-based reasoning used by individuals indicates that work related behavior and attitudes can be characterized as qualitative and inductive approach towards ethics. 1(b): Problem Analysis using Duty-Oriented Reasoning Problem: A patient is admitted into the hospital and I am the on-call doctor available. The condition of the patient is severe and there are only 10% chances that the patient might survive, if he is admitted to Critical Care Unit (CCU) and a ventilator is installed, which gives that patient artificial life support. But keeping him on ventilator will be painful for the patient and might prolong the suffering of potential death. Principles Involved: Being a doctor, I took the oath of saving peoples’ lives. Therefore; it is the call of my duty to save the life of the patient in any case. Options Available: The options available to me are to admit that patient into CCU and make him suffer the pain of ventilator. Or, I can leave that patient in the emergency unit and let him die peacefully. Comparing the Options: Role Duty: Putting the patient on ventilator might save him, which also allowed in the medical laws and policy frameworks. Beneficence: Ventilator might save the life of the patient but it will be painful for him. Once the patient recovers, he might fear the type of treatment he received. Nonmaleficence: It is my duty to provide relief to patients and do not put them in pain. But putting the patient on ventilator will put him in further pain and misery, where the chances of him recovering are less. Decision: Weighing the chances of patient to survive with the help of ventilator, against the chances of his immediate death, I have decided not admit the patient in CCU. The facility could be used for other patient who has more chances of survival, whereas the current patient would be saved to suffer more pain while admitted into CCU. 2. Veracity Truthfulness: Truthfulness in medical ethics refers to a situation where the doctor is required to tell the truth to the patients, no matter what will be consequences of the news. The concept of truthfulness requires the physicians not to lie to their patients and state the problem as it is. For example, if a person is found HIV positive, then his doctor/physician must communicate the diagnosed disease to the patient without thinking about the consequences. Autonomy Autonomy, in medical ethics, refers to the right of patients of freedom to know everything about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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