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How Consumer Choice Is Influenced by a Psychological Need - Essay Example

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This paper "How Consumer Choice Is Influenced by a Psychological Need" focuses on the fact that advertisements in their very essence are persuasive in nature. Their primary goal is to sell something to the consumer. Companies often stimulate consumer’s desire in order to get them to buy a product…
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How Consumer Choice Is Influenced by a Psychological Need
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Extract of sample "How Consumer Choice Is Influenced by a Psychological Need"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will focus on how consumer choice is influenced by this psychological need.

Khan and Bozzo (2012) define the self-concept as the perception of a person’s attributes, beliefs or behaviour. Self-concept assists companies to understand how buyers make choices in light of the symbolic meanings connected to their brands. A person’s perception of themselves is closely associated with their personality. People are likely to buy things that match their personality. However, personality traits are not just static; people will change their personal traits depending on the social situation under consideration.
An individual can have either personal or social self-concept. The personal aspect reflects those attributes that make a person unique. On the other hand, social self-concept relates to a person’s perception of where they belong socially. This may include religion, college or family. Social self-concept may also refer to a person’s attributes in the presence of others (Mehta, 1999). Sometimes the ideal self (the person one wishes to be) is not in tandem with one’s reality. For instance, a young man may feel clumsy and awkward when in reality he is nothing like that. In such a case, the ideal self clashes with a person’s self-image.
In the area of marketing, self-image is highly related to the product image. Consumer behaviour is a direct effort to enhance a person’s self-concept. People consume goods as symbols of their self-concept. A person can also shape or define their self-concept to themselves using goods. In certain circumstances, they may maintain or enhance it using those goods. Consumption, in this regard, is a tool of self-expression. Actual self congruence occurs when a match occurs between the brand being sold and the actual self-image of the person. Therefore, marketers are likely to sell more brands if the commodities they sell relate more to most consumers’ self-concept (Schor, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Consumer Choice Is Influenced By a Psychological Need Assignment.
(How Consumer Choice Is Influenced By a Psychological Need Assignment)
How Consumer Choice Is Influenced By a Psychological Need Assignment.
“How Consumer Choice Is Influenced By a Psychological Need Assignment”.
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