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Consume emotional behavior deals with the study of organizations, individuals, groups and the methods they use to secure, select, and employ experiences, product, services, or ideas to meet the needs, and the effect of these methods on the society and the consumers…
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Download file to see previous pages... Consumer emotional behavior is a mixture of elements of economics, sociology, psychology and social anthropology. It attempts to examine the behavior processes behind decision making of buyers at groups and individual level (Arora 2013, 53). In addition, it studies the characters of individual buyers, for example, their location and behavior changes to understand people’s need and wants. It also assesses the impact family, reference groups, friends and society have on the consumer. The study of customer emotional behavior depends on the consumer buying conduct. The customer plays three important roles: user, buyer and payer. Research conducted by Foxall shows that it is difficult to predict the behavior of consumers (Foxall 2013, 24). Relationship marketing best analyzes the behavior of the customer because it focuses on the importance of the buyer or customer. It emphasizes on customer relationship management, customization, consumer retention, one-to-one marketing and personalization. Social function is divided into welfare function and social choice. One of the most difficult and important task is to understand why consumers make decisions. For example, a teenager drinks Pepsi from Pepsi Company and not Coke from Coca-Cola Company, or the choice to drive a minivan car and not an SUV. In the examples, the product feature (De Cremer 2008) rarely drives the consumer’s emotional choice. The consumers’ choice is deeper than the features of the product, and so marketers need to understand the drivers of consumers at an emotional level in order to create a persuasive message. To understand what triggers this emotional decision, marketers do qualitative research and quantify the result. The method is effective though the managers are asking the researchers what to do to make the consumers buy their products and not wander away. The traditional method fails to analyze what triggers the consumers’ emotions and focus more on the products and their benefits (Saad 2011, 64). The research ends up with a result that is not sufficient because they fail to get what captures the mind and the heart of the buyers. Researchers also employ Means-end Approach method, which applies interview technique. The method uncovers consequences, personal values and emotions that trigger the choice of the consumers. It consists of full-trained interviewers who gather quality data and get it coded for analysis (Foxall 2008, 32). The researchers gets to understand consumer choice and put advertising messages of their brands or products to get their consumer choice. The message is persuasive and drives consumers’ behavior. There are six methods to get customers to buy products. Customers buy products because of their benefits not the features associated with them. Most marketing and sales adverts talk about features leaving out benefits for customers to figure them out. The first way is letting the customers differentiate between a feature and benefit. A feature is what a service or product does while a benefit is what the service or product means to the customer. The second way is avoiding use of big difficult words. This leaches off emotion. For example, this advert is wrong: Robust implementation of 347986protocol. Something like this is more appealing: One can connect nearly everywhere. The third method is using clear but plain language. A customer is able to recollect the benefits of product if simple strong words that trigger emotions are used. The fourth way is making your benefit concrete .This means making your ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How emotions impact consumer behaviour
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It has provided vital assistance along all the way. Its help is really immeasurable. Department of Marketing, ABC University, is another resource to gaining this study. It has provided valuable modulation, books, Journals, Researches and too many efforts for this study.
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