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Impression Formation and Group Perception - Lab Report Example

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The paper "Impression Formation and Group Perception" highlights that the traits which appear first in the description have a greater impact on the final impression. These findings can be used to provide more understanding of a number of contemporary social problems. …
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Impression Formation and Group Perception
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Extract of sample "Impression Formation and Group Perception"

Download file to see previous pages The descriptive characteristics were presented in reverse order. In the original experiment, the presentation order had a substantial impact on the impression formed for this person.
Impression formation is an important psychological process by which individuals are able to gather information about others and integrate them to form a coherent impression of the other individual. The underlying notion of the entire process is that individuals usually expect coherence and unity in the personalities of others. During the face to face interactions, a number of social clues some of which include the others’ verbal and non-verbal behavior, physical appearance as well as the social setting where the exchange is taking place may combine with other factors to influence the ways in which a person form the initial impression of others. In most cases, the initial impressions usually serve as the basis of future and subsequent attributions.
A number of theoretical literature on social cognition theories, expectation states theory and affect control theory have been used to explain the concept of impression formation and how it is related to group perception. Hamilton and Hatz (1980) conducted an experiment which focused on the correlation between memory recall and impression formation. They concluded that individuals have a unique ability to organize a number of information when forming the impression of others (Hamilton and Katz, 1980, p.1058). In another classical experiment regarding impression formation, Solomon Asch (1946) successfully revealed a number of its foundational principles.
The findings of his research suggested that a person's overall impression of others is influenced by a number of factors such as causal attribution, primary effect and valence on the part of the individual. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impression Formation and Group Perception Lab Report - 1, n.d.)
Impression Formation and Group Perception Lab Report - 1.
(Impression Formation and Group Perception Lab Report - 1)
Impression Formation and Group Perception Lab Report - 1.
“Impression Formation and Group Perception Lab Report - 1”.
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