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Person Centered Approach as a Depression Therapy - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on the person-centered approach to resolving depression, in comparison to other approaches. The case study the writer recount involved a young woman suffering from depression referred to him by her doctor. The depression had started after her two-year husband died…
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Person Centered Approach as a Depression Therapy
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Download file to see previous pages This approach emphasizes that the client knows his or her problems better and is, therefore, the one who is capable of coming up with the appropriate solution but with some assistance from the counselor or the therapist. This therapy initially referred to as self-directive, was pioneered by the psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers who lived between 1902 and 1987. Other effective ways of dealing with depression include exercise, medication as well as a lifestyle change.  
Person-centered approach therapy enables the client to be open since a feeling of less peril both physically and psychologically is created. For a counselor to make any therapeutic transformation on the personality of the client, three conditions are vital. First, the counselor must be in a position to identify with the clients' problem, the counselor must also accept the client's problem positively and evade being judgmental, lastly, the counselor must also be in a position to share or experience the problem with the client. Since the client is conversant with the problem, the counselor is only supposed to be a companion and help the client rediscover him or herself. Person-centered care involves empowering the person involved to carry out as many activities for themselves as possible, explaining to the person what exactly you are doing, and cultivating an intuition of freedom on the individual other than that of control. According to person-centered theory, trying to act as the expert by taking control over the clients' problem only make them feel more incapable of dealing with their problems. Sometimes, merging more than one therapy approach provides better and fast results.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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