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The Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Divorce - Research Paper Example

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This research will begin with the statement that divorce brings a number of problems for all concerned. This paper tells that the individuals (man and woman) who are essentially in a relationship are usually the ones who undergo mental trauma and torture…
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The Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages Research suggests that divorce creates such an unending psychological effect on the children that they feel nothing would go their way in the times that will follow. This research is evidenced by the fact that the psychological studies have been proven as being correct with the passage of time. Divorce does create real problems for the young ones, as they have issues in discussing their family matters with their friends and colleagues, both at the domestic front as well as at school. Divorce is an element of destruction which has a mental angle more than the physical one. Children recollect images of the past when their parents broke up and hence separated from each other for reasons that are either unknown to them or they have very little knowledge about. From a psychological perspective, the children under 18 years of age are affected more than the parents who were involved in a divorce situation. There is a scar on the children as they intend to spend a blissful life, however the same does not come about that easily. A number of children hide their emotions and do not speak to people about what they are going through. This is reminiscent of the fact that they mature at a very young age as they had already experienced so much so soon. Many children even turn into pessimists and fall into depression. From an educational perspective, the children falling short on their expected grades at school. They forget what is asked of them and how they should cope up with the changing times. They have domestic issues to think about, and they do so regularly. This is a very unfortunate aspect and one which requires consistent monitoring by their guardians and teachers. What essentially happens is that they do not care much about their studies and hence have a hard time meeting the expectations of the people who are near them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Positive and Negative Psychological Effects of Divorce Research Paper.
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