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The Psychological and Physical Health of a Person - Research Paper Example

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The focus of this paper is on the psychological trauma that is one of the most challenging things in human being’s life. People who experience trauma can go into depths of psychological distress if no timely help or support is provided to them…
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The Psychological and Physical Health of a Person
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Download file to see previous pages Divorce has various psychological effects on a person. According to Baca Zinn and Eitzen (2002), apart from separation from spouse, as divorce brings different kinds of transitions and separations, it is especially painful for a person (Matlin, 2008, p. 267). According to Etaugh and Hochn (1995), as people have a tendency to judge a woman who is divorced with a negative attitude, it causes immense distress and stress to her (Matlin, 2008, p. 267). Moreover, as women are more likely to get separated from friends and relatives previously shared by the couple, and from the home and children with whom they are emotionally attached, there are more chances of them feeling hurt, lonely and helpless inside (Matlin, 2008, p. 267). Divorce brings dramatic shifts in lifestyle as a couple of related activities get decreased due to separation from the spouse (Clark-Stewart & Brentano, 2006, p. 68). Moreover, as the distribution of the domestic functions of the family gets affected by divorce, it causes more stress in them (Berns, 2012, p. 82). Enright (2004) has found that “divorce is one of the most stressful changes a person can experience” (Matlin, 2008, p. 267). A study by Lewis et al. (2004) has revealed that most often, women react to the trauma of divorce by getting depressed and angry (Matlin, 2008, p. 267). Hence, the psychological effects are strong and painful
Emotional Effects
It has been found that divorce causes immense emotional hurt to a person (Papps, 2012, p. 59). One of the major reasons for emotional distress is that constant feeling of hope and desperation is attached to the process of divorce as an individual feel that there is hope in avoiding it (Papps, 2012, p. 59). This uncertainty causes immense emotional turmoil in the mind of the couple. It has been found that if one person does not want a divorce and is forced to give it as the other partner wants it, then it leads to a feeling of rejection and guilt (Papps, 2012, p. 59). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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