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The paper "Giving the Most Appropriate Definition of Motivation which Is Appropriate" highlights that the author is motivated by external factors which are mainly concerned with inculcating a sense of recognition, achievement after excelling in his studies which would probably lend him a good job. …
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Giving the Most Appropriate Definition of Motivation which Is Appropriate
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Extract of sample "Giving the Most Appropriate Definition of Motivation which Is Appropriate"

Where there is a will, there is a way,” goes the adage. I always reassure myself that one day I will victoriously emerge a winner after the successful completion of my studies I am intending to pursue. I am motivated by various factors to get college education in pursuance of my academic career as I am going to explain below. However, I think it is imperative to begin by giving the most appropriate definition of motivation which is appropriate to my cause.
Basically, “motivation is loosely defined as a state arising in processes that are internal and external to the individual, in which the person perceives that it is appropriate to pursue a certain course of action directed at achieving a specified outcome and in which the person chooses to pursue those outcomes with a degree of vigour and persistence,” (Rollinson, 2008 as cited in Robins & Roodt 2009).
There are different motivators which often motivate individuals to pursue certain courses of action and these are normally derived from content theories of motivation which are often determined by both internal as well as external factors where in most cases, there is no superior person who can dispense them upon other individuals. Content theories of motivation in this case, point to the effect that there is no individual person who can be better positioned to give the other person satisfaction that is related with accomplishing especially something that is challenging (Carrell et al 1995). Internal motivators are concerned with satisfaction that is self derived mainly from achieving a challenging thing like reading for a university degree. Indeed, the love for learning something related to my area of interest at college which is child psychology mainly drives me to enrich my knowledge in this particular field.
On the other hand, I am also motivated by external factors which are mainly concerned with inculcating a sense of recognition, achievement and brilliance after excelling in my studies which would probably lend me a good job. Essentially, both internal and external factors of motivation which include needs, goals, expectations, motives as well as drives play a significant role in motivating me to pursue my studies at an institution that demands quality and consistency.
A need is something that is basic to life and I consider education as such of which I believe that the wish to satisfy this need will greatly motivate me. A goal is a certain target that an individual wants to attain and once achieved, that person is motivated. This is an external need which I also seek to fulfil. On the other hand, other external factors include expectation which is primarily concerned with promises to be fulfilled after performing a task and a motive is an intention of acting in a certain way or doing something and it also affects motivation. Lastly, a drive is a push factor that pushes someone to act in a particular manner and if there is promise of reward that person would be motivated to pursue that drive. I am motivated by these factors which are both internal as well as external to study for a university degree.
In most cases, these needs are inseparable as going to be illustrated briefly using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow, when a need occurs, motivational tension develops and is directed towards satisfaction of that need, (cited in Carrell 1995). The hierarchy comprises of five levels of needs namely physiological, security, social, self esteem and self actualisation needs. These needs build from grassroots levels up to the point where highly educated as well as skilled workers feel that they should be rewarded on the basis of their importance, coupled with their performance in the company which is my aim after accomplishing my studies. Basically, the two assumptions underpinning Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are that human beings have needs and secondly, once these needs have been satisfied, the people particularly employees are motivated to perform their tasks.
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