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Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour - Assignment Example

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This essay “Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour?” will discuss the literature that has pointed out violent video games as affecting the behavior in a negative manner and through the help of logical argumentation will try to inform that violent video games do not affect the behaviors…
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Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages Video games are all kinds that are famous between children and adolescents on the basis of their usage of enhanced technology and diversity. People have shown interest in all kinds of video games and violent games are one of them (Anderson, Gentile and Buckley 2007). Gentile and Anderson inform in their work, “Violent Video Games: The Effects on Youth and Public Policy Implications” that parents pay a little attention to children’s usage of violent video games. According to them, the parents stop their children to stay away from all kinds of violence but their attitude towards the violence in media and video games is negligible (Gentile and Anderson 2006).
Freedman informs in his article, “Evaluating the Research on Violent Video Games” that the research that is available on the association of aggression and violent video games is not enough to prove a link between the two. He feels that researchers depict an association between violence and video games in an imperfect manner (Freedman 2002). The perception that violent video games affect the behavior of people and make them more aggressive is not right, as it is not the violent video games but the nature of different people that directs people towards doing crimes or violence-related activities. Also, the violence from people can be from a lot more reasons that are there and violent video games cannot be regarded as a source of violence creation in society.
Play is considered an activity that is self-governed as the person who wants to play has some intention for enjoyment or comfort. The experiments and results of those experiments in researches by different researchers on aggression and violence because of violent video games is a restricted activity, as the players are not there to enjoy and play but to give a test. This fact may have affected the practical conducted by various researchers for the analysis of the impact of violent video games (Goldstein 2001).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour Assignment.
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