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Understanding and Supporting Behaviour - Case Study Example

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"Understanding and Supporting Ben" contains support plan for Ben aimed to help bring back the exuberant and spirited little boy Ben was before the crisis.  Hopefully, with consistent understanding from the people around him, such plan will prove to be successful…
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Understanding and Supporting Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Understanding and Supporting Behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages Ben has started wetting himself, after having achieved bladder control six months ago.  Angela approaches Ben’s mother who, although reluctant to talk at first, tells her that Ben recently witnessed his father being arrested and that the farther is now in prison, on remand.

Children have different ways of coping with stress. Some simply cry it out and spring back to normalcy but others manifest more challenging behaviors that originate from deeply-seated negative emotions that may be difficult for them to process. Adults living or working with very young children must be sensitive to such responses to stress, as they are in a better position to understand what the child is going through.

In the case of three-year-old Ben, the adult must first consider the nature of a child at this stage of his development. Emotionally, children at this age begin to perceive the emotions of others. They have developed some tolerance for frustration and are developing some self-control. They need overt expressions of affection and have fear of abandonment. They need routines and a semblance of security (Brewer, 2001).

From the case, it has been learned that Ben used to be a “normal and exuberant” child, and recently, he has “been coming to nursery looking pale and washed out”. He has also been very clingy to Angela, the nursery nurse and has shown regressive behavior such as wetting his pants. Angela investigated the reason behind this and found out that Ben has witnessed something very stressful that has affected his family. Understanding where Ben is coming from, including the emotional development of children at this particular stage, the following strategies are planned to support Ben in his time of crisis to help him recover and ease his way back to his normal disposition. Angela and the child’s teacher need to work together with Ben, his mother, his classmates and a team of specialists in his support plan. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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