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Artistic impressions in psychological effects - Essay Example

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This essay describes that incorporating artistic impressions in the healing process is highly effective in influencing moods, emotions, feelings and other psychological effects. Mental health entails several aspects including environmental, physical and biological…
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Extract of sample "Artistic impressions in psychological effects"

Download file to see previous pages The main aim of innovative or expressive therapies is to engage the individual’s emotions through the control of meaningful actions which can involve the feelings of a person in a direct physical way. The art of expressive therapy makes us understand that it is possible to infiltrate the most challenging and complex issues through creative imagination. The need for innovative treatment remains imperative to young men and women who suffer from low self-esteem due to reduced satisfaction on how they look or feel. Researchers have proven that storytelling is a direct attribute to the well-being of patients who undergo therapeutic procedures. Music is a universal and readily accessible tool for therapy and can serve a great purpose in the recovery aspects of medical. Psychological distress and reducing the perception of self-worth is among the most challenging issues world-wide. The need for identifying the critical means to solve this problem is, therefore, necessary. There are several approaches including holistic avenues that are used in the enhancement of self-worth, including songs and folktales. People tend to shape emotional aspects of the things that they go through, where their emotional disposition revolves around the encounters and struggle’s they come across in life. Creative therapies may help them shape their conceptions, and eventually, this can help an individual develop a sense of self-worth. Psychological distress and reducing the perception of self-worth is among the most challenging issues world-wide. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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