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Innate Good in Relation to Personality Theories - Essay Example

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This essay describes aims to assess the innate good in relation to Trait, Humanistic, Behavioral and Biological theories.The question whether people are born good, bad or either and the influence of environment on good deeds has been a fundamental topic in every discussion…
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Innate Good in Relation to Personality Theories
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Extract of sample "Innate Good in Relation to Personality Theories"

Download file to see previous pages In trait theories, many explanations put forward explain personality regarding traits. Personality is a unique combination of qualities possessed by an individual. Ryckman (2013) state that a trait is characteristic that is stable and manifested in human behavior. Five factors that define personality includes openness (willingness to try new experience), Conscientiousness or motivation, Extraversion (social and proactive character), Agreeableness (easygoing personality) and neuroticism that define person emotions stability. Individuals high in Conscientiousness are likely to be fit and agree on many issues in the society. Being an agreeable prosocial individual defines innate good when the trait is not inherited.
Funder (2013) explains personality during human development and the environmental factors that are likely to influence. The factors can change person born with innate good and fail to manifest through behavior. Some elements of personality are evident at childhood through items such as duty consciousness, responsibility, and compliance. Ryckman (2014) states that these elements of conscientiousness manifested in early stages of life is evidence that this trait is inheritable in strong inclination and attached to personality. Trait theory, therefore, concurs with the idea that innate good in humanity defines how people behave and react to sensitive situations.Biological theories explain personality development regarding genetics, the structure of the brain and Neuro services. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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