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Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology - Coursework Example

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The present paper provides information about a school girl, shares information with the school psychologists on their behavior with other schoolgirls regarding the cutting of their thighs and requires that the psychologists do not share this information with the teachers and the parents…
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Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology
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Extract of sample "Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology"

The school girl shares information with the school psychologists on their behavior with other school girls regarding the cutting of their thighs and requires that the psychologists do not share this information with the teachers and the parents. According to the APA ethical of conduct, psychologists are required to maintain privacy and confidentiality of those whom they serve (Lowman, 2006). The APA code of ethics requires as well that psychologists ought to provide scientific and professional knowledge so that the students understand themselves. These two principles leads to emergent of two ethical issues, in this case, study. It would be unethical if the psychologist were to report the student and again fail to offer professional knowledge to the girl that their action is morally wrong.
The psychologist though can resolve this matter without reporting to the administration or the parents. As par the ethics codes of conduct, it is essential it brings it to the attention of the girls that they are engaged in unethical behavior that destroys the image of the school (Lowman, 2006). They need not upload such into the internet and should desist. Should they continue with the act, as a psychologist, he/she should refer them to the school administration for further action?
The ethical dilemma of this case is important for the future of the psychologist. He/she gains trust from the students since they will find the confidence to report or discuss matters that relates to their private behavior. As he/she provides knowledge to the students so that preventive measures are taken in advance so that such actions do not occur in the school in the future.
Lowman, R. L. (2006). The ethical practice of psychology in organizations. American Psychological Association. Read More
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(Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 46)
Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 46.
“Ethical Behaviour in Psyhology Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 46”, n.d.
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