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Learning and Memory - Movie Review Example

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This essay describes that the first video entitled “The Bobo Beatdown” addresses the precepts of social and observational learning. The tenets seeks to expound on the social learning theory which affirms that learning is a cognitive process that transpires within a social arena…
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Learning and Memory
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Download file to see previous pages According to this video, there are certain distinct forms or types of learning. To begin with, social learning involves a changing one’s behavior by first observing it then imitating the observed behavior. This is an amalgamation of observational and cognitive learning which is termed as “modeling”. Modeling can as well be accomplished via vicarious reinforcement where an individual partakes in a distinct behavior for having seen someone else get rewarded. This is tied to the third mode of learning called operant conditioning. Operant conditioning involves strengthening a behavior if accompanied by a reinforcer or weakening of a behavior if accompanied by a punishment. This links voluntary behavior with stimuli.
This video also highlights classical conditioning as a mode of learning which entails connecting two or more stimuli with an expectation of a certain result. This concept can be best understood by the reflex conditioning demonstrated by Pavlov’s experiment with his dogs where he associated a distinct stimulus (anticipation for food) with some mode of involuntary response. According to Albert Bandura’s experiment, there’s evidence that conditioning with external rewards, punishment or other forms of stimuli is not the only way to learn. This video affirms that learning doesn’t discriminate victims (study models such as rats, pigeons or humans) except sight oriented animals such as doves and pigeons which are biologically predisposed to evade certain foods by sight since that’s how they hunt for forage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning and Memory Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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