Divided brains: The biology and behaviour of brain asymmetries - Essay Example

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It is divided into various sections which include vertebrate lateralization, function, evolution, development, causation and finally application and future directions. It…
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Divided brains: The biology and behaviour of brain asymmetries
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Divided Brains: The Biology and Behavior of Brain Asymmetries Number) June 26, (Faculty Divided Brains: The Biologyand Behavior of Brain Asymmetries
The essay talks about brain asymmetry, a logical chapter summary of lateralization in the animal kingdom. It is divided into various sections which include vertebrate lateralization, function, evolution, development, causation and finally application and future directions. It stipulates that not only humans can be attributed to behavioral and brain lateralization but also other animal species with more emphasis on vertebrates. However, findings show that lateralization is also existent in invertebrates. The author strives to make sense out of the lateralization by discussing the questions of function, development, evolution, and causation. Basically, the essay strives to reveal that one part of the brain develops to be more useful than the other part in one way or another hence bringing about the asymmetric aspect.
Based on function, the author argues that having a lateralized brain is advantageous at individual level. Another discussion is based on vertebrate lateralization. Attempts to explain the evolution aspect reveal that evolution of hemispheric specialization in vertebrates demonstrates the asymmetric evolution that occurred in chordates. Presented evidence on the asymmetry reveals that the left hemisphere specializes on routine communication. This explains the origin of human language. The developmental aspect on the other hand reveals how the steroid hormones of the endocrine system affect lateralization. Questioning of causation results in clarification on how the two brain hemispheres work hand in hand in order to categorize and respond to the outside stimuli.
The application of current knowledge on hemispheric specialization is evident in the essay; an understanding of the potential knowledge is enough to improve animal welfare. Furthermore, techniques to study behavioral lateralization in both humans and animals in the future are also evident. Generally, the writing analyses the brain asymmetries in the entire animal kingdom. Read More
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