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This paper “Brain Rules” focuses on the fact that exercise boosts the brain power. It has been noted that the brain evolved under conditions that are relatively of constant motion. In regard to this, it could be predicted that the optimal environment for information processing might include motion…
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Brain Rules
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Brain Rules The following include a list of Brain Rules that have been covered in the Video “Brain Rules” Survival: The human brain did evolve Exercise: The brain power is boosted by exercise
Sleep: when you sleep well, you think well
Stress: Stressed brains is known for not learning the same way
Wiring: Every brain is wired differently
Attention: attention is not paid on boring things
Memory: Repeat to remember
Sensory integration: More of the senses are stimulated
Vision: Vision is known to trump all other senses
Gender: Females and male brains are seen to be different
Exploration: We are natural and powerful explorers
The #1 exercise focuses on the fact that exercise boosts the brain power. It has been noted that the brain evolved under conditions that are relatively of constant motion. In regard to this, it could be predicted that the optimal environment for information processing might include motion. This is what anybody is able to find. It is also pointed out that the appropriate business meeting could have everybody to walk for approximately 1.8 miles per hour (Medina John, 2010).
An example related to lifestyle has been given whereby two populations of the elderly were studied by researchers. The tow population included sedentary and active. The findings were that the cognitive was greatly influenced. Exercise was observed to influence executive function positively. Also the reaction times, spatial tasks and quantitative skills were positively affected. Therefore, the question posed by the researchers was that is the sedentary population turns out to be active. Will their cognitive scores rise? In this case, the answer given is a yes; the reason given is that exercise is aerobic. They further describe that executive functions had to improve after 4 months; memory scores also had to improve(Medina John, 2010)..
There are two reasons given on why exercise improves cognition and it includes the following: Firstly, oxygen flow to the brain is increased as a result of exercise. This reduces the brain bound radicals. One of the fascinating results for previous decades is that oxygen increase is usually accompanied by an uptick in mental sharpness. Secondly, the brain’s molecular machinery is acted upon by exercise directly. It improves the neuron’s survival, creation as well as resistance to stress and damage
The information provided is very useful because exercise has been indicated to be very important in terms of boosting brain power. It has also been reflected that having enough rest can be critical because it can make someone productive. In this regard, if I put the information into action, then my learning power could be improved. Oxygen flow to the brain is increased as a result of exercise. This reduces the brain bound radicals. In regard to this finding, it can be seen that exercise is good for the health and when exercise is taken into consideration practically, it can lead to good health. Another advantage reflected is that exercise influences executive function positively .this positive effect is seen on the reaction times, spatial tasks and quantitative skills. When this fact is related to my learning power it means that it can be improved extensively

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