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This is because stalking is scary, very dangerous, and at times is a criminal. Therefore, stalking is a criminal activity, just like robbery it is important for one to be aware of stalkers.
Some of the behaviors of…
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Applied Final Project
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APPLIED FINAL PROJECT affiliation Objective Awareness of Stalkers It is important for one to be awareness of his or her stalkers. This is because stalking is scary, very dangerous, and at times is a criminal. Therefore, stalking is a criminal activity, just like robbery it is important for one to be aware of stalkers.
Behaviors of Stalkers
Some of the behaviors of stalkers include showing up or following up wherever one is. Watching someone in a repeated manner is one form of harassment. Another behaviors for stalkers is sending persistent unwanted messages, letters, or notes via social media. Additionally, it is the behavior of stalkers to use technology to track one wherever he goes.
Signs for Prior History
Assuming a stalker has your prior history they are more likely to create or manipulate situations so that they have contact with you. Some of this traits include applying for vacancy within your work place so that they you can feel sorry or even guilty for them. Another sign is showing up or following up wherever one is.
Safety Measures
One of the safety measures is sending a clear message to the stalkers. It is important to tell the client to leave you alone. It is also important to document everything including the place and also the date. The more evidence one has, the more likely it is for the person to be arrested. Other safety measure is installing a home security system (Stalkers, 2001).
Warning Signs
A stalker is not always characterized as a jealous lover or even a stereotypical lover. If you ask someone to stop unwanted behavior like communicating with you and they insist despite your repeated and clear requests, this is a sign of a warning sign.
Stalkers are always there. Therefore, for one to lock the behavior of their stalkers, one needs to change his phone number, change locks, and also change daily plans. Do not stop living your normal life but come up with ways in which one can shake up their daily routines.
Stalkers. (2001). JAMA, 285(17), 2256. doi:10.1001/jama.285.17.2256-jbk0502-3-1 Read More
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