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The reporter states that in the 21st-century crime rate has increased leading to a lot of insecurity tensions in many cities of the world. Some nations have tried to improve their security status by employing a high number of security personnel ranging from police, the different departments of Army among other security trained organs…
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Criminal Behavior in the Community
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Download file to see previous pages I will also give an analysis of the prevention, intervention and treatment specific to burglary. An individual is said to have committed burglary when he or she gets into a building with a predetermined and preset idea, as well as the willingness and plan for committing a crime (Canter & Alison, 2000). The particular crime, in this case, is conductive theft or felony within the building. In this case, the building can get considered as a private one owned by an individual, and the owner, in this case, is the only person with the right for entrance. The building may also be considered a public one but got closed and the public cannot enter into it for certain duration, due to some stated reasons.
Majority of the perpetrators of this crime are male, and there are very few reports showing the involvement of the female gender in this particular crime. This is based on the fact that this kind of criminal behavior demands some energy and physique to undertake some of its processes requiring force (Catalano, 2010). Since the majority of men are more muscular as compared to the female sex, they find themselves in a better position to commit burglary than the female sex.
From the records by the FBI, I found that majority of those who get involved in burglary are the African, Hispanic and the Latino Americans. This can get attributed to the fact that majority of youths and other young adults from these three races tend to get into groups and spend the best of their time together. It is in these groups where they take and abuse drugs, alcohol, forming a lot of peer pressure towards this kind of behaviors crimes. Poverty is equally a contributing factor to this crime as the people would be tempted to steal so as to make a living. Majority of those aligned to court with the cases of burglary is of between ages of 22-40. Some of the FBI officials argued that it is in this age bracket that you find individuals thinking in more irrational ways, as well as easily getting influenced by others.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminal Behavior in the Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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