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How does the art produced in the modern period reflect the cultural and epistermological changes of the time - Essay Example

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These changes have been caused by a variety of factors that range both technical and theoretical aspects. These changes have definitely altered the way we perceive things and how different…
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How does the art produced in the modern period reflect the cultural and epistermological changes of the time
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"How does the art produced in the modern period reflect the cultural and epistermological changes of the time"

Download file to see previous pages I will also use specific examples to further support my argument.
Modern art generally refers to the various artistic works that were developed from the period roughly between 1860 and 1970. It denotes the different art philosophies and styles produced in that era. The term modern art is mainly used to show the experimentation spirit that has been incorporated in to art and led to the abandonment of traditional art. This period of experimentation led to the emergence of new ways of doing things and led to the development of fresh ideas on the nature, functions, and value of art. Some of the artists who are considered as pioneers of modern art include famous painters like Paul Cezanne, Georges Seurat, and Vincent Gough. Once again, it must be stressed that the modern art notion has a very close relationship with Modernism in fact.
Most of the modern art pioneers were Impressionists, Realists, and Romantics. However, moving towards the 20th century, other movements like Symbolism and post-Impressionism emerged. These also had a huge influence on the modern art concept (Canaday, 2001 p. 25).
However, by the late 1970’s, some critics began to question the modern art concept and some even started to treat it with suspicion. This time witnessed huge shifts in art due to the incorporation of vices like technology, for example to create video art. There was even a suggestion that painting as a form of art was ending. This notion was however disapproved in the 1980’s and the following years when painting once again resumed prominence.
Some of the aspects that characterize modern art include increased interests in the language and representation of art, photography invention in 1825, new interest in the concept of breaking ideas and objects into pieces, the assembling of little art elements to form a bigger or larger art piece ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“How Does the Art Produced in the Modern Period Reflect the Cultural Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/sociology/1616666-how-does-the-art-produced-in-the-modern-period-reflect-the-cultural-and-epistermological-changes-of-the-time.
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