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In fact, such an idea has been spread among Americans themselves and other nations until the 11th of September, 2001, when the country has suffered from a terrorist…
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Intelligence Oversight and Ethics
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INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT AND ETHICS Psychology, work June 16, Intelligence service of the US has been developed to the extent of its almost ideal level of homeland security. In fact, such an idea has been spread among Americans themselves and other nations until the 11th of September, 2001, when the country has suffered from a terrorist attack caused numerous deaths of innocent people. This tragic even alongside with drama of Pearl Harbor in the period of World War II has served as a trigger for reconsideration of the US Intelligence service in order to tighten the security of the country and protection of its population.
At the present time the US Intelligence oversight is almost sufficient for maintaining of the country’s security. The main body of Intelligence service, the Department of Homeland Security, functions at an adequate level providing desired protection for human life and safety. When it comes to the act of violence in September of 2001, it must be mentioned that the whole Intelligence oversight has been changed for the fight against terrorism and its signs. There is a high level object of the Department of Homeland Security of the US, that is, prevention of terrorist attacks, help in the case of their occurrence and reduction of the country’s sensitivity to terrorism.1 In such a way, the Government as well as Intelligence has been overviewed for changes in their structure in order to be ready for prevention of every possible attempt of free nation’s enemies to destroy its peaceful existence. Although the US Intelligence Oversight board does everything possible for homeland security, there are sad events resulting from terrorist acts. It is significant that the work of Intelligence service is short for some unknown reason. We may only suggest that the reason is somewhat inappropriate information support or lack of primary information for providing of total nation’s safety.
Therefore, there must be certain changes or rather to say larger deepness of Intelligence oversight of America. It is referred to omnipotent and omnipresent guard in all levels of life in order not to lose vital information on the subject of preparing terrorist attacks or other actions intended to hurt Americans or destroy their welfare by the means of damaging deeds. In such a context enemies’ misleading may be a significant benefit for the US homeland security. There will be a real advantage if the governmental policy actively follows and applies the principle that
“Part of our intelligence process is to be involved in counterintelligence, to lead the enemy in another direction by providing those misdirecting dots…”2
Naturally, the level of Intelligence oversight is not to come up to violation of human rights, their defiance or invasion into people’s private life. In other words, Intelligence service must not disregard ethics of American social and private life as well as ethics of other countries. Nevertheless, its top priority of people’s safety and prosperity of their country is to come first being developed according to the last word of science and technologic progress, as there are every possible means and tools in hands of Americans.
Finally, operating of Intelligence Oversight board and its relation to the questions of ethics is an acute issue of modern America. Particular terrorist acts have cleared Intelligence service’s imperfect state of homeland security. Consequently, fortification of Intelligence oversight in its accordance to ethical principles may compensate the breach in America’s Department of Homeland Security.
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