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Develop an ethics program for a company X - Essay Example

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Codes of ethics are the set of principles that organizations use in decision-making. Depending on circumstances of a given code of ethics, act of…
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Develop an ethics program for a company X
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Download file to see previous pages Company X should have an ethics program of values that defines a framework showing its commitment to operating its transactions with integrity (Brink, 2011). Company X prioritizes distinct values both internally and with its competitors, trade partners and customers. The chief executive officer of company X ensures that all employees adhere to specified values.
Company X is an organization that offers commercial insurance, professional liability, and surety bonds. Application of the term X throughout the code of conduct defines the entire X Corporation together with its division, affiliates, as well as its subsidiaries worldwide. The code that defines ethics program of Company X holds for all to employees and to broader extent applicable, X board of directors, marketers, suppliers, and agents.
Company X code of conduct does not compromise the relationship between the company and its employees; neither does it guarantee a definite period. In addition, the ethics program maintains relationship between company X and its employees (John & Linda, 2010). The code is amendable to enhance compliance with new company policies and objectives. Because Company X is subject to many countries’ around the world laws, it is ethical for all its employees to comply with all laws that hold, rules and regulations. In situations where there exists a conflict between the established code and the legal framework, the law applies. However, the code of conduct supersedes and replaces the idea of making the right choice: the company x guide to conducting in the workplace. The following topics are the guides to Company X policies references to topics within Code of Conduct.
Because Company X investors and creditors among others hold a legal interest in the integrity of the company financial and accounting information, Company X is committed to demonstrating truthful, comprehensive, and complete financial records. The records must be perfectly accurate as well as implementation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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