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Middle Adulthood Assignment - Case Study Example

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People in their middle years of growth and development develop a broad understanding and perception of self. The paper "Middle Adulthood Assignment" discusses the adult observation of self-incorporate an understanding of their strong points, abilities, skillfulness, and interests…
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Middle Adulthood Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Self-motivation in guiding of younger adults is explained by the Erickson’s stages of development specifically the generativity stage. Stagnation stage refers to self-withdrawal of a person in midlife with avoidance to involve oneself in other people lives.
Erickson in his psychology work came up Lifecycle theory in 1950 (Hausten, 2005). In the lifecycle theory, Erikson views life as following five stages as discussed by Freud but lays more emphasis in adolescence phase. Erickson discards the Freudian concept that personality is present in early childhood encounters only and goes further to recognize the importance of adolescence and adulthood. Erikson’s concept conceives movement of a person from being self-centered to others-centered kind of personality. Generativity versus stagnation stage is a stage in adulthood where most of a person’s personality conflict occurs.Survival of human species depends on parental care, hence bringing up the importance of caring for the children. Generativity has broad application to a family as its primary concern is the establishment and guidance of the next generation to productivity. Erikson theory explains how every person faces the psychological crisis in adulthood that leads to parenthood at the same time leading others to a decision not to be parents. Generativity can be said to be an extension of love into the future. Generativity itself is a concern for future generations and its wellbeing. Generativity by most people is practiced by the raising of children and any form of social contribution into future generation’s that creates the absence of importance by a society towards a person. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Middle Adulthood Assignment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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