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Friendships develop when people have similar characteristics, like the same things, and do not criticize but support each other when they make mistakes or when faced with embarrassing situations. There are different scenarios where the narrator and Meg have had embarrassing and…
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Narrative Assignment
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Namiokas "The All-American Slurp," Friendships develop when people have similar characteristics, like the same things, and do not criticize but support each other when they make mistakes or when faced with embarrassing situations. There are different scenarios where the narrator and Meg have had embarrassing and sad situations but they have been supportive of each other and their families. This leads to a bonding between the narrator and Meg, which will result in the formation of a lasting friendship that will certainly last a long time to their adult periods. The friendships of Meg and the narrator will increase in the future due to the sharing of what the narrator considered and embarrassment during the dinner at the high-end restaurant where the story ends with, Meg grinned. “Sure. All Americans slurp.” This will make the narrator and Meg have an understanding that they are equal and all are faced with different multicultural differences and similarities that they have the duty of helping each other to perform. This will aid the two of them to understand the need to help each other understand their differences, in the process generating a close band and augmenting their friendships.
Meg will be very instrumental in teaching the narrator the ways and practices in America while the narrator will be responsible to relate the cultures and practices of the Chinese. Over time, the narrator and Meg will have a better understanding and mastery of the other friend’s culture and practice. Having helped each other, they will be appreciative of the roles played by the other and will make them close to each other through the times taken. They will be able to appreciate the differences and similarities in culture and nationality leading to the development of a bond between tem allowing for a close interaction and development of affection translating to better friendships in future to their adult lives.
Being friends and having a good understanding of each other and the ability of the two to compromise as exemplified by the researcher to take a milk shake despite being full for the benefit of her friend shows the extend they can go for each other happiness. Meg is not disappointed or worried after the embarrassment of the narrator at her family’s dinner, shows that she is willing to understand the shortcomings of the narrator and is willing to take an extra mile to assist. They will, therefore, be ready t o do everything for each other to ensure they coexists in a peaceful and understanding manner with each other leading to the creation of strong bonds that will result to the development of greater benefits and friendship for Meg and the narrator in future.
The other reason for the assertion that the narrator and Meg will have a better friendship in future is the close relation between the families of both the narrator and Meg. This will allow the narrator and Meg to spend time together and have many instances where they come together for dinners and other events that allows them to share experiences and help each other as families in living in a multicultural environment. Understanding English and better knowledge of the norms, table manners, and other skills will also augment the ability to have fun together by the families. This will give the children time to play together, as games transcend boundaries and allow them to go through the same fun moments, and get to know each other better resulting in the formation of close friendships that will last until adulthood. Read More
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