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Lifestyle and dietary misbalances are also the risk factors (Brown, McIlveen and Strugnell 230).
I have always believed that junk food is the trigger of…
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ADHD: latest research and recomended treatment
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Your full June 9, ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder in children whose causes may be both genetic and environmental. Lifestyle and dietary misbalances are also the risk factors (Brown, McIlveen and Strugnell 230).
I have always believed that junk food is the trigger of ADHD. Latest research has complemented by belief as it shows that children with ADHD carry low levels of iron in their bodies which aggravate symptoms of ADHD in children. If iron level is low, the function of dopamine is disturbed.
To determine the iron level in the ADHD child, a ferritin test is conducted (Stevens 16). Low ferritin level means low iron status in the blood, which means increased disturbance in dopamine. Ferritin levels can be improved with iron supplementation.
It is significantly important to study ADHD as it makes parents make wise dietary choices for their children. What is already known is that treatment through diet is the most effective method to treat ADHD (Selikowitz 152). To fasten up the absorption of iron in the body, foods containing iron must be given along with vitamin C containing foods, like oranges.
Limitations in my research included lack of awareness in parents regarding disastrous effects of poor dietary choices on their children’s well-being. My research will raise this awareness, and will be used by families to make healthy nutritional selections for children.
My research is relevant to the field of psychology as children’s emotional and physical well-being has always been in focus of psychologists and physicians. My research provided the answer that it is important to study risk factors of ADHD in children. Further research is needed to explore the strategies to provide practical solutions for parents to check iron levels in diet.
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