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Piagets cognitive development theory - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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It is the ability that exists in developmental psychology. According to Plaget, children experience this stage in the last stage of sonsor motor; that is during the second year of…
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Piagets cognitive development theory
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Download file to see previous pages In reality, this occurs after a child has experience with specific equipments. When a child sees a particular toy he develops the specific interest by touching it. The moment an infant decides to take his hand to the toy, it is a reflex action that has been brought about by the interest they have. Having children in one room and one decides to approach the toy is a clear reflection that the one going for the toy has achieved and experienced object permanence while the one who does not bother has not experienced it.
Also, object permanence can be observed when an infant does not cry when his mother leaves them; this can be seen when they do not cry. This shows that they have not really understood the object permanence. Lack of object permanence leads to errors where children can go for something that is not really where it is. These errors are brought about by lack of consistency.
Egocentrism occurs in an infant where the child understands what is being told but cannot really understand the other opinion. That occurs when a child can cry over a toy yet they have been told to wait so they can play later. This is the same scenario when a child does not get what they want and they have to wait to get from somewhere until they get what they want. All that they care about is their opinion towards something. The degree of egocentrism is directly related to the ability of cognitive development in children. The level of egocentrism can take al long time to until a child is seven years though in other it may be until the child is six.
The challenge in observation really occurs when a child is more than two years. In this aspect the child is able to perceive what is good and not. This can also be challenged when a child lack the sense of vision then it will not be possible to experience the sense of observation. In an infant a lot of stages occur for a child to gain experience and the level of egocentrism also occurs depending on the level of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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