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Critical of theories regrading the link between music and learning - Literature review Example

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Music refers to the art of systematically arranging sequences or sounds to produce a composition that is unified, continuous and evocative through harmony, melody timbre and rhythm. Music is a manifestation of the human spirit and has varying effects on different kinds of…
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Critical review of theories regrading the link between music and learning
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Extract of sample "Critical of theories regrading the link between music and learning"

Download file to see previous pages Behavioral model has a linear connection between the stimuli that usually trigger responses. Cognitive models describe the learning behaviors rather internally and from a developmental perspective. Such theories usually stress description and examination of the appropriate internal stimuli on the preparedness of the new ones. They also seek to explain the way individuals negotiate new and old information in relation to each other. This approach requires study of learners as different individuals respond differently to specific tasks (Huron, 2006). Constructive models, on the other hand focus on describing critically the various relationships that connect learners to their internal and external environments. Environments consists of contacts and experiences with both the mental and the physical world of learners either individually or as group members (Gordon, 2007).
In music education, learning theories contribute to an understanding of how learners process information and cause changes through corresponding instructional theories. Theories of intelligence and motivation to assist teachers to elicit student productivity while theories of child development tend to govern the construction of age-appropriate subject matter. Considering philosophical perspectives under these theories, varying degrees of emphasis on the theories shape the models that explain how the learning process takes place (Gordon, 2007).
The adaptation of these theories to explain the musical learning, serves music education well. This has been achieved through building a research base derived from general and educational psychology. Studies seek to answer complex questions whose answers are translated into the practice of music education. The general theories of behaviorism tend to adapt successfully and directly to the teaching of music. By drilling and also practicing cumulative, sequential pitch as well as rhythmic patterns learning occurs. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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