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The author of the essay “What Qualities Do All Geniuses Have in Common?” believes that all geniuses are united by their passion for their projects and the courage to experiment, the ability to admit failure and get down to business with a new passion, and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge…
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What Qualities Do All Geniuses Have in Common
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What qualities do all geniuses have in common?
Geniuses have been known to perform excellently in various fields. Studies on some like Einstein have come to reveal common traits they share. The traits, which can be developed by anyone regardless of their age, vary in characteristics. This piece will look at some of the common traits in all geniuses.
A strong drive and compassion for the current project is one of the commonest traits in geniuses. They are always willing to give all they can towards a particular project. This trait has a great focus on the future success of a project rather than current problems (Weller, 2014).
Geniuses are courageous in whatever they do. In order to succeed and be termed as geniuses, world renown geniuses like Einstein and maybe recent most Steve Jobs dared to do things that others considered impossible, a character that requires a lot of courage (Weller, 2014).
Another common trait is passion for knowledge. They do have a strong desire to ensure they are always in a learning mode and willing to develop something. Such a trait goes hand in hand with honesty, which is the power to be frank and always admit whichever failure they commit in order to be corrected (Weller, 2014).
The mentioned traits cannot exhaust the common traits that stand out among all geniuses. Fact is, however, that all geniuses have common traits that stand out. This paper has just discussed some of them without any merit. A lot more common traits have been left out.
Weller, C. (2014). What Genius Looks Like: The Common Traits Of The World’s Smartest And Most Creative. Retrieved from common-traits-worlds-smartest-and-most-creative-284698 Read More
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