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Hank Reardens Philosophy - Book Report/Review Example

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Hank Rearden does not apply the same philosophy to his personal life that he applies to his business. In what way does this contradiction harm him psychologically and practically What is the central error that he makes How does correcting his error improve his life
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Hank Reardens Philosophy
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Download file to see previous pages Raynd's works often move around the subject of moral and economic philosophy based on individualism and self-interest. They express the belief that original ideas are the main force in the world and that creative individuals deserve to profit from their ideas. Rand believes that the heroes represent the disciplined, rational people of action who reject organized religion. In Atlas Shrugged, all creative people were called during which, the people withhold their ideas from the world. It then revealed that the strike was necessary to emphasize that society cannot exist without the creative genius.
Necessary for survival on earth, the ability of human beings to create the goods and services is Rand's objectivism philosophy that ultimately stresses the virtue of productivity. This virtue is Hank Rearden's embodiment. One must remember though that Atlas Shrugged have characters that are men and women of great mental power. Superb thinkers-even geniuses are Rearden, Dagny, Francisco, Ellis Wyatt, and, above all, Galt. The multitude of ways in which the great minds are mankind's benefactors are made clear in the story and productivity can only be borne out of these great minds. But what about the "common" man Does extraordinary intellectual ability a requirement to achieve the state of heroism and moral stature, or aspiring for these lofty goals can be reached by individuals of more modest intelligence Could a man's intelligence and his moral character have a relationship in his character Atlas Shrugged aimed to answer all of these and much more for an honest reader may ask.
In Atlas Shrugged, Rearden applied the same philosophy and although he believed that to promote man's prosperity on earth intellect is necessary, his achievements and that of, Dagny, Galt, and the other thinkers, are the primary cause of progress also bringing forth the argument that a man's volitional control does not include intellectual ability. It is such that whether a man chooses to use what a man is born with, it is the ability of his brain that will make his fortune. Rearden's consistent choice to accept the responsibility of thinking for others like his family who consistently put him down is the characteristic of a righteous man. And since a person is reviewed and perceived thereby judged by what is subject to his power, Rearden, on issues of his choice, is a man of great stature.
Psychologically, Rearden's refusal in acknowledging pain and exhaustion as legitimate grounds to stop working prompted him to push himself to herculean efforts in the ore mines in his early teens. In order to build a vast, steel-producing empire in his later life, he bought the mines and worked virtually 20-hour days. His efforts were not for naught when he has created a new metal alloy far superior to steel made possible by his 10 years of prodigious effort. Even among the other industrial giants in the valley, his productivity has become legendary. Owner of the country's best foundry, Andrew Stockton even said that Rearden joining the strike would put him out of business: "'But boy! I'd work for him as a cinder sweeper. He'd blast through this valley like a rocket. He'd triple everybody's production.'"
Natural to man's survival needs is the adaptation of productivity. Human life requires that the creation of goods and services is involved. Because all must be created- and nothing is given to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hank Reardens Philosophy Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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