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The Consolations of Philosophy - Book Report/Review Example

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The 21st century world might be termed as the most developed of all time owing to medical, technological and infrastructural innovations; however, the present day man is faced with many challenges and obstacles in life. Solutions to all these problems have been diverse and…
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The Consolations of Philosophy
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Extract of sample "The Consolations of Philosophy"

Download file to see previous pages Major emphasis will be anchored on what De Button is saying, doing, and what he tries to attain in the book. The final emphasis will be centered on detailed analysis and critique of chapter three of this book.
In ancient Roman Empire and Greece, philosophers were regarded as natural authorities with superfluous wisdom to answer most pressing queries in the world. The role of philosophy in human life has continually diminished to reach a climax in the 21st century where any philosophical word is equated to senescence. Consolations of Philosophy presents de button’s ideology on philosophy and its capability to offer consolation in many compromising situations (DeBotton 10). Using six philosophers(three modern and three ancient), de button shows how consolation from frustration (Seneca), unpopularity (Socrates), broken heart (Schopenhauer), inadequacy (Montaigne), less money (Epicurus), and difficulties (Nietzsche) can be achieved through philosophy. The artistic approach and work with which this philosophical book is presented with is exhilarating.
The book is organized into short six chapters and utilized cut outs like those of superman, remote control, chocolate milk cartoon, and a sleeping baby. Despite the neglect and hatred targeted towards philosophy by the modern society, this book seeks to present a form of philosophy that can help people. De button aims to show people that consumption of philosophy is good since it has much wisdom to offer. In the first chapter, de button focuses on unpopularity which is presented inform of Socrates (15). This philosopher was sentenced to death owing to his vehement instance on his well known truth. De button has achieved the aims of showing unpopularity; since, there is possibly no level of unpopularity that can beat that of being lynched by fellow citizens (56). To de button, Socrates serves as an extreme example of unpopularity. There is possibly no other person who can surpass that. This is a consolation to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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