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Compare and Analyze Psychological Thinkers Across History - Coursework Example

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There is clear evidence that psychology emerged as a branch of philosophy. Psychology developed as an independent discipline in the 1870s in the United States and…
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Compare and Analyze Psychological Thinkers Across History
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Download file to see previous pages It is clear that new fields inspired by divergent thinking will continue to emerge in a bid to better understand the human mind and behavior.
This philosophical assumptions relating to causes of human behavior according to Aristotle are the material, the formal, the efficient, and the final causes (Solmsen, 1955).The material cause covers what something is made from. The body is made of living cells. The material cause explains properties of the human body that shapes some behavior. An example is the body needs energy generated by its cells, and so the body will have to take in oxygen (inhalation) to support its cause material (cells).
The formal cause refers to what makes unity of a thing rather than several things. The human body is a collection of various cells and other components. The variation of the human body and mere collection of cells and other components is that the human body has possess functions and properties that result from a precise organization of the right kind of elements and cells performing specific duties. A mere collection does not define a formal cause of behavior.
The efficient cause as a way of influencing human behavior determines what did what. Every process of change is triggered by an efficient cause. When eyes see things, then it’s because light from the things strikes the eyes and causes the eyes to see. Efficient causes determine what did what.
The final cause influencing human behavior is why formal causes do what they do, and efficient causes do whatever they do. Formal cause explains the reason for existence as a way of influencing human behavior. Why do people exist? Aristotle theory explains that they are in place to make people and to be happy since they are rational.
For Aristotle, the main reasoning idea is not solely centralized on what is most distinctive about humanity in comparison to other beings, but human behavior is driven by what the humans were meant to achieve at their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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