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Witnesses Accounts and the Reality - Essay Example

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This essay "Witnesses Accounts and the Reality" examines the main reasons that can lead to a distortion of the witness accounts from the reality. Specifically, the paper looks at the deflection of the truth due to perception and the effect of long-term memory on the accounts given by the witness…
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Witnesses Accounts and the Reality
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Extract of sample "Witnesses Accounts and the Reality"

Download file to see previous pages The reasoning here is that the reconstruction of the events by a child are free from the knowledge already gained. Another study, Zaragoza, Belli, & Payment (2006), looks at the possibility of the eyewitness accounts being led by the interview questions. Its main point of argument is the fact that the interviewers in forensics or social sciences always have inaccurate information due to the guidance given to the informants. These illustrations point to the fact that the human memory is fallible. To understand how the accounts given are deviated from the truth, the look at the human memory is essential. Most particularly the long-term memory that is relied upon in delivering witness accounts (Green 2009). This study categorizes the long term memory into two; that is the explicit and the implicit memory. While implicit memory contains the human abilities that can be automatically undertaken without a thought, explicit memory contains actions and facts which a human must remember. In order for a human mind to reconstruct an episode or events, the autobiographical memory, a subsystem of the explicit long-term memory is used. This gives the actual physical details of the event or episode stored verbally in the brain.
The main reason for the lack of accuracy in accounts given by witnesses is the fact that the long-term memory is not a record but it gives a reconstruction of the episode or event. A witness will reconstruct an event through the use of other sources of information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Witnesses Accounts and the Reality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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