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The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line - Movie Review Example

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An author of the review "The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line" attempts to discuss the issue of disclosure in documentary movies with reference to the movie "A Thin Blue Line" directed by Errol Morris. Moreover, the review presents a comprehensive analysis of the Moris' documentary…
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The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line
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Extract of sample "The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line"

Download file to see previous pages Charges were dropped in 1989 after the release of Errol Morris’s film that revealed pieces of evidence that Randall Adams had been framed for murder. The thin blue line raises arguments as to whether the American Justice System was critical enough to prove Randall’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt on the basis of the fouled pieces of evidence provided the witnesses and the prosecutors (Errol, 2005). However, the power of discourse is eminent, for instance, the folk songs by coal miners imply identification between the viewer and the miners as portrayed by Plantinga (1997, p.166).
This film opens during a period when Adam was headed home and got stranded. An adolescent called David Harris offered him a ride on an auto that was stolen. The same auto was included in unlawful acts police (Robert Wood) on watch was executed with a slug. Without knowing and being guiltless, Adam was detained lifelong incarceration as he was denounced of homicide. He was dealt with unjustifiably by the law court. The homicide case for Adam was opened and toward the end, he was discharged from a correctional facility.
The documentary film is a compilation of the various interviews Errol Morris conducted with participants from both sides of a murder case which was aimed at proving Randall Adam’s innocence. The interview with Randall presents discourse which is marvelous in terms of personality manipulation (Plantinga, 1997, p.145). The film makes the audience realize that it is difficult to discern a grain of truth without deep scrutiny of pieces of evidence presented. Harris stated: "I've always thought if you could say why there's a reason Randall Adams is in jail, it might be because the fact that he didn't have no place for somebody to stay that helped him that night...landed him where he's at...That might be the reason. That might be the only, total reason why he's where he's at today (Errol, 2005)."   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line Movie Review.
“The Force of Talk in the Film A Thin Blue Line Movie Review”.
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