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Marital Conflicts In The Film Once Upon A Time - Essay Example

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The paper "Marital Conflicts In The Film Once Upon A Time" discusses one of the films that can help one learn about marriages and everything related to this institution is the series, Once Upon a Time, an ABC series that helps us learn about marriage in the traditional and modern setting…
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Marital Conflicts In The Film Once Upon A Time
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to conflicts, communication between spouses is different and yields different results. One of the films that can help one learn about marriages and everything related to this institution is the series, Once Upon a Time, an ABC series that helps us learn about marriage in the traditional and modern setting.
A brief analysis of the film shows that it involves the supernatural and the natural. Both of these phenomena take place in the modern and in the traditional setting. A town called Storybrooke is used for the modern setting of the film while a forest called the enchanted forest and traditional kingdoms are used as the setting for the traditional lifestyle. Apart from the curses, the evil and the good that dominates the series film, one of the most dominant institutions is the marriage institution, which is presented as having a lot of struggles, foes, and friends. Those who have an eye or who an interested in marriage institutions can learn a lot from this film that seems to concentrate least on marriages than it does on curses and the supernatural.
From the film, one thing is evident; most of the married partners seem to engage in conflicts a lot leading to temporary or permanent disagreement. For example, one of the protagonist couple that goes under the stage name of Prince Charming and Snow White often engages in conflicts both in their traditional lives and in their modern lives. In the traditional setting, marriage struggles are related to small issues on who is going where and who is doing what. For example, Prince Charming, in one of the series is seen hindering his wife to do some crazy things such as deciding to face their enemies. Such minor conflicts end up with both of them reconciling as soon as they started arguing.
In the modern setting, the same couple engages in conflicts that take longer to end. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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