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Photovoltaic Exploration Industry of Daystar Technologies - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that Daystar Technologies is a company which produces photovoltaic solar panels solar panels. The panels are based on a special technology known as Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) thin-film. The company has its own customized manufacturing process…
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Photovoltaic Exploration Industry of Daystar Technologies
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Extract of sample "Photovoltaic Exploration Industry of Daystar Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages Daystar Technologies is currently constructing its first large-scale production facility in California. This site is designed to produce 25 MW of solar panels each year. With the growing concern over global warming, solar and other forms of renewable energy have received support in the form of larger investments, government tax breaks, and subsidies, in order to make them more competitive.
The solar photovoltaic market has been slowed down by silicon shortages. Mostly photovoltaic systems use purified silicon for their products. Daystar on the other end doesn’t rely on silicon and thus this shortage has no effect on Daystar. Due to shortages, the competitors of Daystar are asked to pay more for silicon. The cost of silicon is important as it adds to 45% of the module’s cost. Hence, when silicon prices rise, Daystar’s competitors either raise their prices or are forced to absorb the costs. The suppliers are also looking at this situation and are coming back with much more bigger facilities to produce more silicon to fulfill the constant demand. All such activities will hurt Daystar as its competitors will be able to supply cells at a much cheaper rate.
Daystar is in such a category where the initial setup costs are very high. Daystar itself has a very complex manufacturing process. Also the new facility it is building costs in millions of dollars. Hence the barriers to entry are high in this regard. But the profit margin is high too. Also, this category relies on innovation and technology. Daystar has its own CGIS thin-film PV solar cell. It competitors heavily depend on silicon suppliers as they have the generic silicon-based cells which cost more.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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