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Unit Five Assignment - Essay Example

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The severity of racial and ethnic discrimination fostered the Supreme Court to ban the practice sixty years ago. Unfortunately, racial discrimination prevails in the contemporary social institutions…
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Unit Five Assignment
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Racial Divide in American Schools Racial segregation forms the primary characteristic the modern American school. The severity of racial and ethnic discrimination fostered the Supreme Court to ban the practice sixty years ago. Unfortunately, racial discrimination prevails in the contemporary social institutions such as schools (Frontline n.p.). According to the film, there exists a wide racial disparity in the academic field. Specifically, the system favors the Whites students at the expense of the non-Whites such as the African Americans and Latinos. For this reason, the non-White students suffer from the prejudice hindering their academic achievements.
Surprisingly, American teachers promote racism, as some hold stereotypical beliefs that non-Whites cannot out-perform or equal Whites in academic performances. Consequently, this leads to a discriminatory and harsh treatment of the minorities (Frontline n.p.). Additionally, the discrimination exposes the disadvantaged students to unnecessary remedial classes that widen the racial gap. Despite there being a new form of racial discrimination, the disparity between the Natives and the minority students is approaching new balance. Specifically, the number of Latino students is almost equivalent to the Whites in the American schools (Frontline n.p.). Additionally, the number of Blacks scholars is on the rise. Although the number of the minority is increasing, the Whites mistreat them due to their poor economic and social status.
Therefore, there is a need for the transformation of the education system by balancing resource allocation across all races and social classes to ensure that all students and citizens receive equal treatment.
Works Cited
Frontline. "Video: Separate and Unequal | Watch FRONTLINE Online." PBS Video. Frontline, 15 July 2014. Web. 24 Apr. 2015. . Read More
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(Unit Five Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Unit Five Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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